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Wet Brush Electric Shaver

We are aware that there are plenty of electric shavers available. Our difference is hat we have specifically designed our shaver to alleviate razor bumps and razor burn. No other electric shaver can do this like The Wet Brush Electric Shaver Company in Washington, D.C.

Our brush’s design rotates with a 54 diamond-point stainless-steel blade, which cleans as it penetrates the pores of your skin. We are the only company that has designed, patented, and manufactured an electric shaver that alleviates razor bumps and razor burn!

If you do have a razor bump or razor burn condition, using one of our recommended gels with its (FDA approved) medical healing solution, will provide relief.

Whether you suffer from razor bumps or razor burn, or you simply want the best shave on the planet, this is the shaver for you!

We would like you to shop and compare our prices, which is $275.00 including our specially recommended gel samples.

Our GET TO KNOW US PRICE is $225.00, which includes a two-year free mechanical replacement warranty. We trust that you will find that our shaver will meet your every shaving need, including people who shave their heads.

Contact Us

The Wet Brush Electric Shaver Company

774 Congress St.

Washington D.C.

Phone: 202-906-0747


Business Hours:

We are Open 24/7

* Licensed and Insured





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